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Save your time - trust my experiance


Travels can be overwhelming, which is why it’s beneficial to have an experienced professional by your side. Through this service, you can count on me to guide you in every step of the trip.


A good plan for your vacation or trip is essential! Throughout many years of providing this service to clients, I have gained the experience and expertise necessary to make this process seamless. If you have any questions or want me to create the itinerary for your trip simply reach out!



One of my most popular services is to find group trips suitable for you. No matter what type of travel you dream of,  I will provide all the resources and guidance you need for the perfect trip with interesting people and an excellent guide!

We can start to plan your trip



The first thing you need for a successful trip is a clear plan for this trip. Where do you want to go, what to see, what to do, and where to spend the night and relax? It is also useful to see in advance which restaurants are better to go for dinner, where you can have a delicious and beautiful breakfast, and which shows and concerts you can attend. Collecting all this information takes time and knowledge of the resources where this information can be found. All this I can do for you - you will only need to tell what you would like and then make clarifications according to the plan I made.


Booking and Support

When the travel plan is made, it is essential to reserve everything that can be booked in advance - hotels, cars, excursions, etc. It is also necessary to buy plane tickets in advance if the start of the trip is far from your home and even think about how to get to the airport. But, again, all this takes time and requires knowledge of the resources through which it is better to make reservations. Yes, I can do it for you! And what's more - during the trip, I will settle all unforeseen moments related to the reservation - because this is your vacation, and you should receive only positive emotions!


Group Tours

If you want to travel in good company and not worry about organizational issues before or during your trip, I can offer you group tours with professional guides. I only work with trusted companies and guaides that I know personally, and I can be sure that you will be OK with them! When choosing a tour, I will consider the level of comfort you need, the program that might be of interest to you, the size of the groups, and who will attend. You will feel like you are on a trip with your friends.

About Me.

I'm a traveling person -  this is my passion, soul, and life's purpose. I used to work for non-traveling businesses a lot - I was a teacher, a researcher, a salesperson, and some other stable income names, but I travel a lot all the time! My family travels were transferred to organizing travels for my friends, friends of my friends, and people who know me. The amount of knowledge about all steps of successful trips gave me ideas about putting it into my own business, and this is how Vizitamerica Club was born. Yes, I'm not alone! I have a connection with excellent guides passionate about traveling, and we can offer you trips and tours built only for you and your friends and family! 

And more about me :

  • Live near Los Angeles

  • Have huge experience in backpacking and camping trips

  • At the same time, like a luxury vacation.

  • Have a wonderful family and wonderful friends!

  • And two languages to communicate - Russian and English :)

Natalia , CA

“Elena  were one of my first guide to many parks/hikes in America. Lena organized many trips, developed a plan for every day, described and told everything in such detail and interestingly that now, several years later, I always remember these hikes, parks, waterfalls, with admiration and gratitude. Try it for yourself! You will love tours with Lena !."

Nastya , CA

"Lena is an excellent organizer, I am completely calm about the route, if we are going somewhere, then it is the most beautiful place, and we will go there by the best path, stop at the best views. Everything has been clearly calculated for a long time, so that the trip would be full of only positive emotions.  I went with Vizit America on two trips and I can only say: guys, thank you so much, I didn’t even know that I live in such beauty.."

Paul, CA

“With this experienced team, you will definitely not be afraid of any obstacles! They will show you the most amazing places, organize trips of any complexity, give you useful information and all this in a mega positive way!! Having got acquainted with them, you will find something new for yourself and be sure to come back again!! ”
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